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"This Shared Space"
Sunday, October 16
Noon- 6PM

Art drawing sculpture

This Shared Space is an at-home exhibit, recognizing the interwoven life of art, family and work that is often the fabric of the artist's life.  These pieces are installed throughout the home, interwoven with objects from our everyday lives, from furniture and appliances to backpacks and unopened mail.   This exhibit is part of the annual CFEVA Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST), a wonderful way to connect with artists throughout Philadelphia.

Link to POST Event Information


The Center for Emerging Visual Artists exists with a mission to cultivate, nurture and advance the careers of artists. Also aiming to engage the public more fully in our local art scene, CFEVA expands opportunities to discover and connect with art through city-wide programming and community building initiatives. Approaching arts programming through a new lens, CFEVA’s services are designed to raise the profile of Philadelphia’s professional artists, build upon its strength in bringing the creative process into the public realm, foster artistic experimentation and innovation, and showcase how vibrant artistic communities boost cultural tourism and foster economic development.

Through fellowships, residencies, educational outreach, exhibitions, professional development, and city-wide events, CFEVA provides artists with the tangible resources needed to develop viable and sustainable careers and deepens public understanding of the visual arts space in Greater Philadelphia.

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